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"Actor Craig Hurley writes a tell-all book about his career in Hollywood and the many stars he came into contact with along the way. From legendary film directors: John Hughes and Oliver Stone to former teen idols: Rob Lowe, Shannen Doherty, and Luke Perry..." -

"I was laughing as I was reading specific parts of the book because of how candid and up-front (Craig is) about (his) experiences...  That touches me on a different level...  Very great guy, very gooood book!  Be sure to check it out!"Dave Miller, "Dead Dave's Radio Show"

"I just read 27 And All Washed Up for the second time!  I just want to sit with Craig, like, in a park and have him read it to me!...  Everybody should know about this book...."-  Davey Love, "Modern Problems Radio Show"

"As the “new generation” refuses to learn from the mistakes of others, 27 And All Washed Up is a timely offering that includes a fascinating selection of photos, conversations, and memorabilia from Hurley’s private collection."-

"What is it about the drugs, the sex, and the excessive living with young celebrities?...It's great that (Craig's) book can be inspirational for a lot of people who aspire to get into (show) business...  (He's) giving them a real honest look at what they can expect..."- Sherry Gaba, "A Moment of Change" CBS

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